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Refuse collection: update from SODC

By Tim Darch Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer Great Milton Parish Council

Monday, 19 July 2021


Great Milton Parish Council Contributor


As you may already be aware, Biffa is experiencing continued issues with staffing which has led to serious disruptions in the waste collections service in our districts.

The disruptions are mainly down to a shortage of HGV drivers and the increasing numbers of staff who have been advised to self-isolate. As you are probably aware these are national issues, not just affecting us locally.

The limited numbers of staff still able to work are doing their best to get to as many homes as they can, and have been working weekends to try and catch up – but as you can imagine, that job has been made all the more difficult with the extremely hot weather we’ve been experiencing.

Our advice to residents is as follows:

If any of your waste was not collected last week, or if your bins are missed in the next couple of weeks, firstly leave the bins out for 3 days after your usual bin day and if still not collected please bring your bins back in and put it out next time it is due to be collected.

While we normally do not collect extra black bin rubbish, if we are unable to collect yours as a result of this disruption, you can leave up to three black sacks’ worth out the next time it is due. Please remember you can always put out additional recycling and food waste on your next scheduled collection.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and we and our waste contractor are working hard to try and resolve these issues.

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