Businesses in South and Vale urged to submit COVID-19 grant requests

Businesses in South Oxfordshire that are yet to submit their details for grant support in response to COVID-19 are being urged to do so as soon as possible.

More than 65 per cent of businesses based in southern Oxfordshire have already submitted their details and South Oxfordshire District Council has promised all those who have done so, and are eligible for support, that they will receive their grant money by 30 April.
However, with just under 35 per cent of businesses still to submit their details, the councils are urging all those who haven’t already done so, and who need funding support, to go to their respective council’s website and complete the online form.

So far more than 2,500 businesses have submitted their details for the grants which are available to help those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. By the close of play on Monday 20 April, South and Vale will have paid out more than £15 million in grant funding to local businesses.

For more information and to confirm your eligibility for a Small Business Grant please go to:
South Oxfordshire –