Lavender lovers of Great Milton

Last Autumn we collected and were kindly donated, loads of
Lavender for our craft stall at the village fete. We are now hoping
to enlist your help again.

We are looking for ladies, or gentlemen if they feel inclined, to
sew a few lavender bags, of various sizes and shapes. If you are
feeling creative, then you can come up with ideas of your own –
As long as they are filled with Lavender, we are happy.

We have lots of lavender, plenty of ideas and some fabric and
ribbon, but would welcome any cotton fabric that you would like
to donate, as long as it is either plain or has a smallish pattern –
check, stripes or small flowers perhaps? – anything would be
gratefully received.

As our craft stall is a new addition to the village fete this year, we
would also welcome any other type of craft that you have made
and would like to donate, to make this a ‘go-to’ stall for everyone.
If you can help at all with your time or a gift, I would be grateful
if you could please email, phone, or drop a note through my door,
saying, in which way you may be able to help us.

Everyone -Thank you
Carole Greenhalgh.
Old Cottage
Lower End
Great Milton. Tel. 01844 278858 / mob. 07714328685 Email.