Oxfordshire agencies preparing for Brexit

Agencies across Oxfordshire have been working together to prepare for the UK leaving the EU on 31 October.

Short-term risks to public safety and normal daily life have been assessed by emergency planners in Oxfordshire and remain ‘low’. Nevertheless, councils are working together to ensure plans are in place to support our communities and businesses through this period of change.

The emergency services, councils, businesses and voluntary organisations that make up the Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum (LRF) have been working since last summer to prepare for the impact of a no-deal EU Exit.

LRFs have been advised to plan locally for a range of possible risks and threats, known as “reasonable worst-case scenarios”. Separately from Brexit preparations, the LRF regularly plans, tests and exercises its emergency plans and response to the locally identified community risks so that all agencies can respond quickly if needed.

As part of the work done on emergency planning through the LRF, there are already plans in place to cover foreseeable types of short-term disruption to public services that are delivered by local partners in Oxfordshire.

Councils have been asked to help to ensure that individuals and businesses know where to find information and advice to prepare for Brexit. Links to the government’s information are being publicised and residents are encouraged to consider the advice.

The government has also asked us to monitor potential impacts of Brexit on local businesses. We recognise concerns expressed by local employers. Oxfordshire councils stand ready to provide any practical support within their powers to local businesses. This could include identifying specific Oxfordshire impacts and relaying those to the government.

Public bodies continue to work closely together. Potential risks are being monitored and information shared, and where necessary plans updated.