Update from SODC

Bank holiday bins
Monday 25 May is the Spring Bank Holiday which means – as usual – there is a change to the waste and recycling collections next week. For details please see our bank holiday collections pages.
*Collections on a Saturday begin at 6am so please put your bins out the night before.

Free webinar for businesses in South and Vale
We’ve partnered with Graham Ballantyne, Director of the UK Business Mentoring Group, to deliver a free webinar on Thursday to help local businesses with their recovery plans. A recording of the session will also be available to view online afterwards.
The webinar will include lots of tips and pointers, along with useful templates, and complementary mentoring sessions.
You can find out more information on the South and Vale Business Support website.

Free online business school
Anybody with a new business, or who is hoping to set one up, can take part in a free Pop-Up business school which will take place online between 15 and 19 June. To find out more and to register visit the Pop-up Business School website.

Recycling centres update
All recycling centres across Oxfordshire are now open again. However, the advice is still to check before travelling to a site as they’re operating at a reduced capacity with new site rules in place and some changes to opening times. You can find out more details on the county councils website.

Parish Council ‘virtual meeting’ Mon 18 May, 7.30pm

If you wish to attend Great Milton Parish Council’s virtual meeting on Monday 18th May, please enter the following joining code into your browser and follow any instructions:


Given reported issues with security on Zoom meetings, please also advise the Chairman that you would like to attend by calling 01844 278068 in advance of the meeting.  A link to the agenda appears below:




Recycling centres to reopen

Oxfordshire’s seven Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) have been shut to waste delivered by the public since 24 March 2020, following Government’s direction that everyone should stay home due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since then we have been working with the city and district councils to ensure excellent kerbside collection services have continued, and preparing for full service reopening of the recycling centres. The sites will reopen on Monday 18th May at 8:00am.

All seven sites will be open seven days a week as long as they are not overwhelmed and can operate safely, and will accept all waste materials. Sites will open at 8am and close at 4pm to allow for additional cleaning.

The number of vehicles allowed onto the site will be reduced by approximately 50% to allow for social distancing. This means that queues are highly likely, especially at peak times such as weekends. Traffic marshals will be in place to manage queues, but queuing is not allowed on the public highway.

Residents are therefore being urged only to visit the site if their trip is essential and they cannot safely store their waste at home

Other policy changes in place include:
 – Contactless card payments for DIY waste only
 – Site staff are there for guidance and will not be able to help unload waste from vehicles
 – Only one resident will be allowed out of the vehicle, unless assistance is needed with heavy items, and then 2 people will be permitted
 – For the time being hire vans and trailers will not be allowed access, even if they have a permit.
 – Sites will shut at 4pm promptly and anyone queuing will be asked to return another day. This will allow the site staff the time needed to clear and clean the site thoroughly. Traffic marshals will monitor the queue and warn those who may not reach site by closing time.

In line with Public Health England guidance, residents who are vulnerable, or who are showing symptoms which may indicate coronavirus, should not visit household recycling centres

A full list of FAQs will be available on our website shortly: www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/wastereopenquestions

Government guidance says that trips to an HWRC should only be made if ‘essential’ – that is if the waste cannot be stored safely without harm to health. The Government guidance states: “It would be reasonable for residents to undertake a journey to a HWRC if the waste or recycling could not be stored safely at home or disposed of through other legitimate routes such as a dedicated collection. By this we mean that the waste/recycling could not be stored on their property without causing a risk of injury, health or harm to the resident or other members of their household or harm to public health and amenity.”

OCC update: Carers ID

Oxfordshire County Council is continuing to support Carers during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by offering a Carers ID.
The Carer ID scheme is for paid and independent Carers who are providing care and support to youngsters and adults known to OCC Social Care.
The Carer ID is a simple letter of authority which can be presented whilst out and about, should the Carer be challenged.
Contact us at: CarerID@oxfordshire.gov.uk for further information.

Cancer consultations available via telephone and video

Doctors in Oxfordshire are urging people to get medical advice if they are worried about symptoms of cancer.
A recent national survey suggests getting coronavirus or giving it to their family were among the top reasons that people would not come forward when they have cancer symptoms, along with fears that they could be a burden to the health service.
But NHS staff have worked hard to make sure people can get cancer checks and treatment safely, so there is no need to delay.
Dr Kiren Collison, GP and Clinical Chair of Oxfordshire CCG, said: “We strongly encourage anyone with concerns or worries about their health to contact their GP for advice. If you are worried about any new symptoms, then please get in touch with your surgery.
“We will be able to reassure you or if necessary get you to see a specialist quickly and safely. It is important to remember that the sooner cancer symptoms are picked up and treated, the better.”
Initial telephone consultations or via video mean people do not necessarily need to go to GP surgeries for check-ups, and if they do need to be seen in person then there will be measures in place to keep patients safe. Waiting to get help could have serious consequences for patients and put a greater burden on the NHS in the future.
Dr Shelley Hayles, GP and Planned Care and Cancer Clinical Lead at OCCG, said: “NHS staff here in Oxfordshire have made huge efforts to deal with coronavirus but we are also working hard to ensure patients can get essential services such as cancer checks and urgent surgery safely.
“We are doing all we can to make sure patients receive the life-saving care they need.
“The wishes of patients and their families will always come first, and we have to make sure that people feel safe coming to GP practices and hospitals, but our message is clear: people should seek help as they always would.
“We know that finding cancer early gives us the best chance to cure it, and ignoring potential problems can have serious consequences now or in the future.”
Oxfordshire’s cancer diagnostics and treatment centres are based at the Churchill Hospital, which is a regional centre of excellence, as well as other specialist services in the John Radcliffe and Horton General Hospitals.
Nick Maynard, Cancer Lead at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We have been working incredibly hard at our Trust to make sure that we can still provide urgent cancer care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do, and we have made every effort to make sure that cancer treatment at our Trust is supported by robust shielding and screening procedures to protect our patients against COVID-19.”
A major public information campaign launched last week to persuade people to contact their GP or 111 if they have urgent care needs and to attend hospital if they are told they should.
Cancers are detected earlier and lives are saved if more people are referred for investigation for checks.

Calling GP practice nurses

Message from Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Oxfordshire’s Patient Care during Coronavirus programme is asking experienced practice nurses to join the teams in our dedicated COVID-19 clinics across the county.
If you are not currently working in one of our Oxfordshire practices but are interested in helping care for patients during the pandemic, please complete this quick availability survey and we will contact you.


Businesses in South and Vale urged to submit COVID-19 grant requests

Businesses in South Oxfordshire that are yet to submit their details for grant support in response to COVID-19 are being urged to do so as soon as possible.

More than 65 per cent of businesses based in southern Oxfordshire have already submitted their details and South Oxfordshire District Council has promised all those who have done so, and are eligible for support, that they will receive their grant money by 30 April.
However, with just under 35 per cent of businesses still to submit their details, the councils are urging all those who haven’t already done so, and who need funding support, to go to their respective council’s website and complete the online form.

So far more than 2,500 businesses have submitted their details for the grants which are available to help those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. By the close of play on Monday 20 April, South and Vale will have paid out more than £15 million in grant funding to local businesses.

For more information and to confirm your eligibility for a Small Business Grant please go to:
South Oxfordshire – southoxon.gov.uk/businessrates

‘Virtual’ Parish Council meeting: Mon 20 April

The meeting of Great Milton Parish Council on Monday 20th April will be conducted through a video conferencing facility, as will future meetings until further notice.  The new arrangements are allowed under the following Regulation:

Meetings will be hosted via Zoom, a popular video-conferencing package.  The information required to log on to the meeting is as follows:
Web address: https://zoom.us/j/539442315
Meeting ID: 539 442 315

if you require any assistance with access to the meeting, please contact Cllr Stephen Harrod on 01844 278068. A link to the agenda appears below:

OCC Coronavirus update

New coronavirus clinics to help patients across Oxfordshire:

Praise for Oxfordshire’s inspirational care teams:

New hotline for diabetes patients during COVID-19

Health and well-being services affected during the coronavirus:
There are a range of well-being and health services that are affected during this period. If you need to find out about services such as: support to quit smoking, sexual health clinics and weight management sessions, please click here.

Local information about services affected during the Coronavirus:
Updates about critical frontline services such as fire and rescue, waste collections, highways and children’s social care:

For information and updates about other services, please go to: https://news.oxfordshire.gov.uk/?h=1&all=1